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Arc of Appalachia Volunteer Outing

Leader: Nancy Stranahan & Marilyn Welker

At Ridgeview Farm the Arc is demonstrating that bringing biodiversity back to an abandoned farm is indeed possible. The results of a decade of the redemptive work in Ridgeview’s fields and swamp forest have been ASTONISHING! This day volunteers will be working in the wetland forest – removing invasive bush honeysuckle and making room for expanding ferns and wildflowers.

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Arc of Appalachia Volunteer Event

Leader: Fern Truitt

The Maude's Cedar Narrows tract at the Sanctuary shelters a stunning showcase of wildflowers in a side canyon of the Rocky Fork Gorge. Non-natives began taking over right after it was logged – just before the Arc purchased the land. Volunteers will be working to save Maude’s flowers. Maude Lang, now deceased, was a school teacher in the nearby town of Rainsboro and was adored in the local community.

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Arc of Appalachia Volunteer Outing

Leader: Roy Wilman

Chalet Nivale Preserve near Peebles is known for its outstanding geological scenery and botanical treasures, sheltering one of the largest colonies of Snow Trillium in Ohio. Volunteers will be working on removing Barberry, Bush Honeysuckle, and Multiflora rose. The preserve’s wildflowers depend on volunteers to ensure the displays will continue to uplift future generations of visitors.

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Rover Pipeline Construction Leaks Raise Questions of Contamination

But Melanie Houston with the Ohio Environmental Council says that wetland is supposed to protect a wide array of species.

“The effects that it has is the potential to smother out any aquatic life,” Houston said.

There’s no word yet on the exact impact on the wetlands or its aquatic life. The Ohio Environmental Council would like to see an investigation into this spill.


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