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Public Lands Will Be Hurt

June 18, 2011
Some amendments were added later (via SB-165) that somewhat restrict the actions of drillers (they can't drill within 100 feet of a home, school, or public facility, and they are banned from drilling...

Ohio Senate Approves Bill to Allow Oil and Gas Drilling at State Parks

June 15, 2011
Environmental groups opposed the bill for several reasons. They fear drilling will mar the parks' natural beauty and damage the environment. "We simply believe that oil and gas extraction is unfit,...

State Changes Toxic Algae Warning System

June 14, 2011
However, Supporters of the Ohio Environmental Council have a different view of the new advisories. "We saw injuries to people last year. We saw deaths to animals last year. Frankly we don't want to...

Suit Could Spur Costly Sewage-Leak Repairs

June 9, 2011
The Ohio Sierra Club and the Ohio Environmental Council filed a notice of intent to sue in U.S. District Court in Columbus yesterday. Officials of the groups said they want the county to set a...

State May Realign Rt. 664 for Safety

June 8, 2011
"This is the Coney Island of the natural areas of Ohio; it's a high-traffic area," said Jack Shaner, of the Ohio Environmental Council, a coalition of environmental groups. "It's nice that the state...

Ohio Legislators OK Overhaul of Drilling Laws

May 25, 2011
Environmental groups sided with opponents. Jack Shaner, deputy director of the Ohio Environmental Council, said the negatives in the bill far outweigh the positives, including a block on residents’...

Ohio Might Sell More Trees

May 15, 2011
Jack Shaner, a lobbyist for the Ohio Environmental Council, said the state is too willing to sell off its forests.

Ohio to Consider Limits on Using Lake Erie Water

May 13, 2011
But Kristy Meyer, of the Ohio Environmental Council, disagreed. Environmental groups plan to push a bill that would set lower limits that have yet to be identified. "The [business-backed] numbers are...

Unclear Ownership of Mineral Rights May Hurt State's Revenue Hopes for Drilling in Parks

May 13, 2011
Jack Shaner, a lobbyist with the Ohio Environmental Council, said the risks of pollution and ecological harm outweigh the potential economic benefits.

Timetable Sought on Vote to Drill Oil in Parks

April 22, 2011
One of Ohio's largest environmental groups is imploring state legislators to say how they'll vote soon on the Kasich administration's controversial plan to open state parks to oil drilling. The Ohio...