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Residents, officials discuss environmental impact of oil and gas industry

January 15, 2017
HANNIBAL — Several eastern Ohio residents and environmental experts gave testimony Saturday about health and environmental concerns with the oil and gas industry at a community listening session at...

Will wildlife search save Shawnee forest from logging?

January 5, 2017
However, Nathan Johnson, an attorney for the Ohio Environmental Council, said sustainable forestry is more complicated than growing more trees or declaring patches of land off limits. If left alone,...

Will industry plan further harm bats?

January 2, 2017
“Our bat populations are really in a fragile state right now, on the brink of extinction,” said Nathan Johnson, an attorney for the Ohio Environmental Council. “A free pass … for 50 years with no...

Groups call on U.S. EPA to Stand Up for a Clean Lake Erie Businesses, Environmental: Conservation Groups File Notice of Intent to Sue

December 20, 2016
“We’re prepared to do what it takes to protect Lake Erie from toxic algae,” said Heather Taylor-Miesle Executive Director at the Ohio Environmental Council. “We need those in power to do all they can...

Fracking rights to SE Ohio's Wayne National Forest go on auction Tuesday

December 12, 2016
"This will be bad for wildlife, bad for recreation and bad for the health of Ohio's only national forest," said Nathan Johnson of the Ohio Environmental Council. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The U.S. Forest...

Will Gov. Kasich Save Ohio's Clean Energy Economy?

December 12, 2016
"The Ohio House of Representatives did a great disservice to the people of Ohio," said Trish Demeter at the Ohio Environmental Council. "This rushed and sloppy legislation will have untold impacts on...

Wayne National Forest fracking rights auction set to begin tomorrow

December 12, 2016
Nathan Johnson, an attorney with the Ohio Enviornmental Council, says the industrial development that comes with hydraulic fracturing will do long-term harm to the forest. “It’s going to devastate a...

Feds Are Auctioning Drilling Rights in Ohio's Wayne National Forests

December 12, 2016
But, the Ohio Environmental Council opposes the sale of rights in the Wayne National Forrest. It is filing an appeal with the Bureau of Land Management asking it not to go through with the sales....

Lake Erie reaps bounty from Congressional water legislation; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blocked from open-lake dumping

December 12, 2016
"Today is a great day for our Great Lakes," said Kristy Meyer, director of Natural Resources for the Ohio Environmental Council. "Amidst all the partisan gridlock in Congress, Republicans and...

Groups fight plans for fracking in Wayne National Forest

December 12, 2016
“They’re trying to cram everything into this outdated, 10-year-old bottle,” said Nathan Johnson, a natural resources attorney for the Ohio Environmental Council. “It’s inexcusable.”