Board of Directors

Members of the OEC's Board of Directors are volunteers from across Ohio committed to defending and protecting Ohio's natural environment. They each serve as individuals and their work affiliations are for informational purposes only. They are all voting and independent members of the Board.

Rich Shank

Board President

"I have been involved with the OEC for about 40 years, including a stint on the board. I have watched their ups and downs during that time and have developed an appreciation for their ability to influence environmental policy in Ohio. Despite changes in leadership, the staff at OEC has always remained high quality and committed to the environmental quality of Ohio. With new leadership and the formation of the OEC Action Fund, this organization's potential is now more potent than ever!"

Aparna Bole, MD, FAAP

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, CWRU School of Medicine

"From my perspective as a pediatrician, the OEC is fundamentally an organization working to protect the health of children. To be healthy, kids need clean air, clean water, healthy food, and safe places to live, get around, and play. Stewardship of a healthy environment also safeguards a healthy future for our children as they grow to adulthood, and for future generations. I'm honored to join the OEC's board and support its important mission, in service of children's health here in our beautiful state and beyond."

Daniel Carey

Daniel Carey, DVM

Owner, Cincinnati Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) Center, and Dayton Care Center; Board of Trustees, Sub-Antarctic Foundation of Ecosystems Research

"The OEC is passionate about its mission to protect Ohio's priceless natural gifts, but is firmly grounded in the real-world challenges of that protection. The OEC undertakes its duties with practicality, vision, and incredible energy, and possesses the essential tools and know-how to get such a daunting task done."

Al Compaan, PhD

UT Professor of Physics, Emeritus; President, Lucintech Inc.

"Toledo's water crisis due to Lake Erie's ongoing cyanobacteria blooms is a stunning wake-up call on the environment. On the other hand, advances in photovoltaic solar energy led by Northwest Ohio entrepreneurs and scientists are creating huge opportunities for transitioning to clean energy. I am convinced that the OEC is the organization with the integrity and muscle to lead our citizens in adopting sustainable practices and technology for a future with cleaner air and water. It is an honor to serve on the...

Jade Davis

Vice President of External Affairs, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority (Port of Cleveland)

As Vice President of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, Jade manages legislative, regulatory and government affairs, communicates programming, engagees community stakeholders, and develops strategic communications initiatives. Prior to his role at the Port of Cleveland, he served as the Senior Director of State Affairs and Outreach at the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) in Washington DC.

Marianne Eppig

Trustee, Sears-Swetland Foundation, in Cleveland

"It is truly a privilege to serve on the Board of the Ohio Environmental Council, which is the most effective statewide, independent and non-partisan organization advocating for Ohio’s natural resources, and thus our health and economy. We are facing a unique moment in history in which our actions and policies will have a tremendous impact on the environment for generations to come. Now is our time to act, to speak, and to support these vital efforts protecting our water, land, and air."

Peter R. Griesinger

Producer/Director, Griesinger Films 
Member, Friends of Whiskey Island
Gates Mills

“The opportunity to work with such a motivated group of people who are bringing well-researched, innovative solutions to so many of Ohio’s most intractable environmental challenges, is a real joy, if not a welcome relief. Our magnificent natural capital assets are in good hands when OEC gets involved and it is a real honor to be part of such an inspiring and effective team.”

Andy Jones, MS, CPM

Board Member, Hocking River Commission

"The quality of the air we breathe, the quality of the land we grow our food in, and the quality of the water we drink are key to our personal health, the health of our children, and the health of our communities. The OEC, and its staff and membership, act responsibly and effectively to protect the natural resources that are critical for our health and well-being."

William Katzin, MD, PhD

Pathologist, AmeriPath

“As a physician, I feel responsible for promoting public health. Almost no one would argue that clean air, clean water, and the wise use of natural resources are vital to the well-being of all Ohioans. Yet too often this shared ideal falls victim to the rhetoric of political partisanship. The OEC takes a pragmatic approach to achieving our shared environmental goals. The efficiency and effectiveness of the OEC’s staff are what I admire most about this energetic team.”

Krista Magaw

Krista Magaw, MS

Executive Director, Tecumseh Land Trust
Yellow Springs

With a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Duke University, Magaw's work for Tecumseh Land Trust is a great fit with her values and interests, as well as skills. Exploring potential preservation projects and monitoring of priorities with conservation easements give her a chance to get out on the land and learn from land owners and naturalists, as well as TLT's experienced board and staff. Historic preservation and restoration has long been an avocation for Krista and her husband, a history professor.

Bill Martin

William C. Martin, JD

Board Treasurer

Former Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Jackson County

“The Ohio Environmental Council succeeds in several ways. It works 'on the ground' to pursue practical ends. How do we improve air quality? How should we protect Lake Erie? Ask OEC - they do it. Finally, OEC watches the Ohio legislature closely to monitor new legislation for what often turns out to be dirty and dangerous consequences for Ohioans. Ohio needs an advocate for a clean and green environment.”

Graham Mitchell, MES

Chief, Office of Federal Facilities Oversight, Ohio EPA (Retired)
Board Member, Cincinnati Nature Center
Board Member, Three Valley Conservation Trust

"I'm honored to be part of this organization with an outstanding staff and leadership. I am particularly impressed with OEC's efforts to work with industry and the public to craft win-win solutions to Ohio's environmental challenges. Showing that protecting our environment and resources is also good business over the long term is many times forgotten."

William M. Ondrey Gruber, JD

Attorney, Director of Law, City of Shaker Heights
Volunteer, Dike 14 Nature Preserve Committee
Shaker Heights

“I have been involved with a number of non-profit organizations, including several successful environmental groups. However, OEC is unique in the state. I am honored to have the opportunity to assist the board and staff of the OEC to continue its success in the wide variety of critical environmental issues in which the OEC has played such an important part."

Karl A. Parker, PE, MBA

Karl Parker is a Sr. Operational Excellence Specialist serving in Saudi Aramco’s Operational Excellence Department. He joined Saudi Aramco in October of 2014 to assist with driving the implementation of operational excellence in its Downstream business line. 

Prior to joining Saudi Aramco, Mr. Parker was the  President & General Manager of Parker  Family of Businesses (PFOB), a professional services firm offering business strategy, engineering, energy,  sustainability and training solutions for public and private sector clients worldwide. 

Janet Reeves

Janet Reeves, RN

Member, National Audubon Society
Member, National Wildlife Federation 
Member, Alaska Wilderness League

"I was introduced to the Ohio Environmental Council by a friend of an environmental organization I supported. He thought OEC and I would make a good fit. After my first Lobby Day I knew he was right. I see OEC as an organization that looks to the future, works diligently in the present and has learned from the past."

Jennifer Sconyers

President and Founder of Abundance Leadership Consulting, LLC

Jennifer started her career in advertising, public relations and marketing. She has held previous positions with the Ohio Democratic Party, Ohio Organizing Collaborative, and Wellstone Action. Jennifer volunteers as a community service lead co-captain at Next Level Gives, where she has helped with projects such as Star House, providing a space for individuals 14 to 24 years of age and Changing Action to Change Habits (CATCH) which supports survivors of human trafficking.

Stephen Sedam

OEC Executive Director Emeritus

"Having served as OEC Executive Director from 1977 - 1990, it is an honor to return to the organization as a Board member. The OEC is a common sense, rational, forward-looking, problem-solving force acting in defense of those natural resources all Ohioans depend upon for their well-being.  While the need for the OEC has been constant since its creation in 1969, this is a particularly vital time to be a part of its growth and development.

Mike Shelton

Sustainability Manager, ScottsMiracle-Gro

"Ohio has so many places of diverse natural beauty, yet so many other areas in need of care and restoration. Fortunately, OEC is leading efforts to continue the protection of Ohio's natural gems and clean up our damaged landscapes to make Ohio a great place to work and live."

Dr. Bruce Stevenson

Bruce Stevenson, PhD

Vice President of Research Operations, Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

“Outside of the biomedical realm, I have long held a strong interest in land and species preservation. I’m thrilled to work with the OEC in maintaining a green and vibrant planet for generations to come.”

Tom Winston, PE

Consultant, Longenecker & Associates
Former Chief, Ohio EPA, Southwest District Office
West Chester

“The OEC has an outstanding staff with the technical expertise to fully research issues and develop practical solutions and consensus positions. It is a vibrant force in the debate about the kind of Ohio environment we want for ourselves and future generations. It is a true asset and a resource for anyone who cares about Ohio's environment.”